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Making Sonograms As Comfortable As Possible: Caring For Your Patients

Patient comfort is more than just providing superior customer service and increasing patient satisfaction, but has been proven to enhance trust, improve wellness, and promote healing. Regardless of what it is for, medical procedures, including ultrasounds, cause anxiety for millions of patients. No matter what your role in the patient experience is, there are things you can do to help improve patient comfort.

How to Make Patients Comfortable During a Sonogram

Ultrasounds are performed for a variety of reasons in different settings. Typically, the patient is supine and the ultrasound technician is situated next to them. Consider these tips for helping provide comfort to your patients.

Provide a pillow.

This seems simple enough, but providing a pillow can help make a patient feel more comfortable and allow them to cooperate with the procedure longer.

Provide warmth.

No one likes to be cold. During any sort of ultrasound, the patient must bare the skin that is scanned and ultrasound gel is applied. To help improve patient comfort, make sure the room is relatively warm and, if possible, warm the ultrasound gel. If you touch the patient, try to ensure your hands are warm and don’t cause discomfort.

Use quality ultrasound gel.

The ultrasound gel that you use makes a big difference to you, the patient, and the quality of the images produced. Good, high-quality ultrasound gel, like EcoVue® Ultrasound Gel, is made with patient comfort in mind. It is water-soluble and leaves behind no sticky residue. It also helps make your job easier by maintaining its viscosity and providing superior auditory conduction. This helps to make the procedure quicker and provides more reliable images, both of which directly improve patient comfort.

Provide a great bedside manner.

Nothing has a bigger impact on the comfort of a patient than the attitude and behavior of the healthcare providers they entrust their care to. Every person who comes in contact with a patient has an impact on their experience. Reduce anxiety and put your patient at ease with great bedside manners. Talk to the patient, explain what you are doing, and always be respectful and pleasant. Use terms your patient can understand and speak in an age-appropriate manner. Your patient is more than the image on your screen, treat them as such.

HR Pharmaceuticals creates our products with patient comfort and safety at the forefront. When you use products such as EcoVue in your practice, you can be sure that patient comfort will be enhanced. For a full product overview or to place your order, visit us online today.

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