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EcoVue Ultrasound Gel is manufactured by HR Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a leading healthcare consumables manufacturer who also manufactures Surgilube and HR Lubricating Jelly.

EcoVue Ultrasound Gel is proudly manufactured in the United States (York, PA).

No, there has never been an FDA recall on EcoVue Ultrasound Gel.

The 2021 recall of ultrasound gel manufactured in Canada by Eco-Med Pharmaceutical, Inc., is NOT related to EcoVue Ultrasound Gel or any other product of HR Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

EcoVue Ultrasound Gel is manufactured by HR Pharmaceuticals, Inc. in the United States at a cGMP compliant, ISO 13485:2016 and MDSAP certified facility under the strictest quality control/infection control guidelines, and has undergone extended usability testing and complies with USP standards for Antimicrobial Effectiveness.

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EcoVue Ultrasound Gel offers two gel viscosities. Our original formula is a medium viscosity gel that can be used for a wide variety of procedures that benefit from a gel that easily glides across the procedure area yet doesn’t plow ahead of the transducer. EcoVue HV is a high viscosity gel for procedures that demand a thicker gel with more staying power.

EcoVue Ultrasound Gel produces exceptional image quality and provides stability over a range of temperatures, with heat having virtually no impact on acoustic velocity.
EcoVue Ultrasound Gel has been tested and validated by many of the leading imaging equipment manufacturers. If you have questions regarding specific equipment, please contact us.
The Instructions for Use can be found here.
The Safety Data Sheet can be found here.


EcoVue products are primarily procured through our network of national, regional and independent distributors. If you need assistance gaining access to EcoVue, please contact us. For international distribution, please contact us.

EcoVue has been awarded contracts with all national GPOs. Please contact us if you need assistance procuring EcoVue products.
If you prefer to purchase EcoVue direct, please contact us. We do require product to be purchased in full case quantities.

Yes, we would be more than happy to send your facility samples for trial/evaluation. Please fill out a sample request form, or contact us.

No. We currently do not offer samples to patients/consumers. If you would like to acquire EcoVue Ultrasound Gel for an upcoming medical appointment, please contact your medical facility, who can request samples on your behalf.


EcoVue Ultrasound Gel has a shelf-life of 36 months from the date of manufacture across all packaging options. The expiration date can be found on the back of the package.

Once the packaging of any multi-use product has been opened, any unused portion should be discarded in accordance with internal facility guidelines on multi-use products. Single-use packets should be discarded immediately after use.

EcoVue Ultrasound Gel is available in a variety of single use packets (sterile & non-sterile) as well as several multi-use options, including an 8.5 oz. bottle, 60g tube, and our patented 8.5 oz. FlexPac®.

Unfortunately, all of our packaging is not recyclable. Please see below for details on each package.

Single-Use Packets – The multilayer plastic used to create the packets contains a metallic layer which renders the packets unrecyclable.

Bottle – EcoVue bottles are made from LDPE plastic which carries a number 4 recycling number. Please check with your local recycling center to confirm if number 4 recyclables are accepted. Much less LDPE is recycled than HDPE, especially in the USA. If your recycling center does not accept number 4 plastics, bottles should be disposed of in the standard waste stream.

FlexPac® – The EcoVue FlexPac® lowers environmental impact through reductions in carbon emissions during production and shipping; it’s lightweight and requires less energy to manufacture and transport. The ability to evacuate all the gel from the pouch reduces gel waste by 14%, but the empty pouches should be disposed of in the standard waste stream. The multilayer plastic used to create the pouch contains a metallic layer which renders the pouch unrecyclable.
Yes. We manufacture a 20g packet with SafeWrap® for use in the sterile field that is available in our original medium viscosity formula, as well as our high viscosity formula.
EcoVue products are widely incorporated into sterile procedure kits so the content (gel) needs to be sterile. In addition, there are higher risk departments that prefer a sterile gel, but where a sterile field is not required.
Ultrasound procedures carry different risks depending on the likelihood of exposure to bacteria, contact with body fluids and the degree of invasiveness of the procedure. Based on the Spaulding Classification and the SDMS Guidelines for Infection Prevention and Control in Sonography (May 20, 2020), the following ultrasound gel should be used for critical, semi-critical, and non-critical procedures:

Spaulding ClassificationDefinitionUltrasound Gel
CriticalUltrasound gel is being used on sterile tissues, including biopsies, intraoperative, and vascular guidanceSterile, single-use packets
Semi-criticalUltrasound gel comes in contact with non-intact skin or mucous membranes but does not penetrate themSterile, single-use packets (preferred) or non-sterile, single-use packets
Non-criticalUltrasound gel touches only intact skin and not mucous membranesNon-sterile, single-use packets (preferred), non-sterile, multi-use gel (bottle, flexpac®, tube)

No, we do not offer a 5-Liter cube to discourage the practice of refilling bottles and address today’s stringent infection control requirements aimed at reducing cross-contamination.

Yes. We have found that some procedures often require more than one 20g packet of gel to complete the procedure. The 32g packet is a good option to avoid using two 20g packets and wasting gel. The 32g packet drives down cost and product waste, and thus, has been well-received in the market.


No. EcoVue Ultrasound Gel has a unique formula and is not manufactured for private label brands.
No. EcoVue Ultrasound Gel has a 99% natural formulation that does not contain parabens.
EcoVue Ultrasound Gel, and its packaging, are not made with natural rubber latex. For more information, please review our Symbols Glossary.
No. EcoVue Ultrasound Gel has a 99% natural formulation and is free from perfumes, fragrances and dyes.
No. EcoVue Ultrasound Gel has a 99% natural formulation that does not contain dyes.
The FDA does not require ingredients to be listed on medical devices. If you have any questions regarding our ingredients, please email us at
If there is a specific ingredient(s) you are allergic to, please email us at and we can inform you whether or not that ingredient is in EcoVue Ultrasound Gel.
Propylene glycol is a known cause of probe delamination and can cause minor skin irritation or allergic reactions in some individuals. By eliminating propylene glycol in our 99% natural formulation, we make our gel gentler on patients and equipment.

Yes, EcoVue Ultrasound Gel has passed MEA testing (one-cell to expanded blastocyst within 96 hrs assay), with 100% blastocyst development after exposure to our gel. The results support that EcoVue Ultrasound Gel does not exhibit embryotoxicity and will not destroy gametes and/or embryos or prevent cellular expansion or development when used with assisted reproductive technology (ART), like IVF, and will allow embryos to continue to develop.

According to the FDA, MEA is used to assess the potential for embryotoxicity of devices that have direct and/or indirect contact with gametes (i.e., sperm and oocytes) and/or embryos. A minimum of 80% blastocyst development is required to pass the MEA test. 

Gel Warmer

Yes. Temperature has little to no effect on EcoVue Ultrasound Gel and provides optimal acoustic velocity at any temperature.
Subjecting EcoVue Ultrasound Gel to increased temperature, such as gel warming, causes no significant changes in the measurable viscosity. As the temperature of the gel increases, the viscosity remains constant.
Yes. The Acclimate Gel Warmer is custom-designed for our 250g FlexPac® flexible packaging to provide consistent warming of the gel throughout the package. The front slot can also accommodate single-use packets and the notched cutout allows for easy access to insert and remove them.
The Acclimate Gel Warmer can hold (2) 250g FlexPacs®, or (1) 250g FlexPac® and 8 single-use packets, or 16 single-use packets. The warmer has two slots, so you can mix and match the packets.
The Acclimate Gel Warmer is factory set to 104°F +/- 5°F (40°C +/- 2.77°C). Acclimate is a validated Temperature Control Unit that continuously monitors the temperature. The Control Unit eliminates the risks associated with overheating gel and ensures the product complies with the manufacturer’s Instructions For Use. Additionally, the software contained within the device has an automatic shutoff if in the extremely rare occurrence that the Control Unit fails.

EcoVue Ultrasound Gel complies with USP standards for antimicrobial effectiveness and data supports that the preservation system in EcoVue will function as intended while the gel is warmed (during a 28-day period) so long as proper storage and handling practices are maintained.

For more information, please refer to our gel warming & storage information.

EcoVue Ultrasound Gel complies with USP standards for antimicrobial effectiveness and data supports that the preservation system in EcoVue will function as intended while the gel is warmed (during a 28-day period) so long as proper storage and handling practices are maintained.

For more information, please refer to our gel warming & storage information.

To clean, unplug the device and allow it to cool down. Use a standard disinfectant wipe to wipe the device down. Do not attempt to disassemble the device and clean internal electrical components.
Yes, the Acclimate Gel Warmer can be mounted on the wall or placed on the counter.
The Acclimate Gel Warmer includes a 2-year warranty. For more information, please contact us.
DO NOT tamper with or try to service the device yourself for it will void the warranty. If you have any warranty or service questions, please contact HR Pharmaceuticals, Inc. at

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