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EcoVue Transitions to Softer Ultrasound Gel Bottles

EcoVue® Ultrasound Gel is introducing new softer bottles for their 250ml (8.5oz) ultrasound gel bottles.

At HR Pharmaceuticals, we are always listening to what the imaging community is challenged with, and after extensive research, we are making the transition to a softer 250ml ultrasound gel bottle. “One of the most common challenges for sonographers is hand & wrist fatigue associated with the dispensing of gel from a bottle,” says Ryan Gorman, Vice President of Sales – Acute & Non-Acute Channel. “By reducing the material used to manufacture our 250ml bottles, we were able to achieve a softer squeeze, which may help reduce wrist fatigue while allowing for the fast application of ultrasound gel.”

As an added benefit, the new easy-squeeze ultrasound gel bottles are a more sustainable option for hospital systems since they are made from 25% less material. The lighter weight of the finished bottles will help reduce the carbon footprint during shipping.

Customers and prospects will start receiving the newly redesigned bottles over the next few months. “Our team has already begun supplying our distributors with the softer bottles; however, it may take time before healthcare facilities receive the new bottles as distributors work through older inventory,” Gorman says.

Experience the EcoVue Difference

Originally introduced in 2018, EcoVue® Ultrasound Gel sets the standard in high quality ultrasound gel, delivering an exceptional experience for technicians and patients while meeting today’s infection control demands, helping to extend the life of equipment, and delivering bottom line value.

To request samples of the new ultrasound gel bottles, please visit or email