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Is it Time to Switch Medical Supply Distributors?

As a medical care provider, one of the most important relationships, outside of your relationship to your patients, is the partnership you build with medical supply distributors. From the gauze you carry to the beds your patients lie down in, every supply you carry at your clinic or hospital should be high-quality and reliable. In order to ensure your clinic runs smoothly, you must have trusted relationships with medical supply distributors. A good relationship will allow you to always have what you need in stock and will create a smoothly operating clinic. When your staff members are without the supplies they need, it can lead to chaos and can cause corners to be cut. If you are not 100-percent satisfied with the distributors you work with, it might be time to think about switching to a new provider. As an ultrasound gel distributor, we understand the importance of building quality relationships with medical professionals. We value every single one of our clients and ensure their needs are our top priority. The following are a few signs that it might be time to find a new medical supply distributor.

You Can Never Reach Customer Support

When problems arise or you simply wish to make a change to one of your orders, you should have easy access to customer support from your supplier. Nothing is worse than feeling like you are being led down a rabbit hole when you try to reach out for help. If your relationship started out with great communication during the sales period but suddenly changed after you became a client, it might be a sign that customer service is not a top priority for the distributor you are working with. Unfortunately, many medical supply distributors place a higher priority on closing a sale but then neglect clear lines of communication down the road. Reaching a customer service agent should never be a struggle when you are paying for a product. When you are choosing a medical supply distributor, talk them about how you will be able to access customer service down the road if needed. Make sure there is an easy and reliable way to get in contact with a real, live human being. If you feel like you have no ability to reach someone when you need help, it may be time to start looking for a new distributor.

Your Deliveries Are Not On Time

The only way you can operate a clinic smoothly and efficiently is by always having a full inventory of the supplies that you need. When your distributor starts to lag on delivery times, it may be a sign that you need to look for a new supplier. Your deliveries should always be on time. If for some reason there is a glitch, you should be notified with a clear explanation of what caused the delay. Your staff members and your patients count on quality supplies being in stock at all times. When those supplies don’t arrive on time, your staff members might be left improvising and cutting corners, which can be unsafe and lead to a lack of patient satisfaction. A good distributor will understand this and will ensure that you always have the products you need in the timeframe you need them. Not only is on-time delivery important, but it is also critical that you can trust your distributor to keep their promises. When they start to fail on delivering on those promises, it is time to look elsewhere.

The Product Quality Is On The Decline

Unfortunately, when large companies are trying to improve their bottom line, they will often decrease the quality of their product to lower costs. If you have been depending upon a medical supplier for a certain quality of product and they are no longer providing that quality, it is a good indication that you should start to look elsewhere. When you are choosing a medical supply distributor, you should take the time to find out where their priorities lie. Cheaper is not always better. Rather, it is important to find a company that will always place a high value upon quality, instead of a high value upon lowered costs. While you want to ensure you stay within your clinic’s budget, watch out for a decline in the quality of products you are receiving.

Your Values Don’t Align

If you are operating a clinic-based upon a set of important values, you want those values to line up with the distributors you work with. For example, if being environmentally friendly is important to your facility, you will want to seek out companies that also hold this as a high value. If you are reevaluating your relationships with your distributors and you see places where your values are not aligning, it might be time to consider a new partnership. Take the time to research what values a distributor has as a company before you sign any contracts. See where those match your own values and where they don’t line up. Values such as integrity, sustainability, and quality should never be sacrificed. Ensure the relationships that you build are created upon mutual trust and respect for each other’s values.

HR Pharmaceuticals – A Distributor You Can Trust

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