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Using Ultrasound for Medical Spa Treatments and Beyond

Usually when you think about ultrasound procedures, you picture a woman finding out the gender of her baby or a patient having a diagnostic ultrasound. But many people do not realize that ultrasound can be used for much more than that, and has quickly become the newest trend at Medical Spas across the country.

When used correctly, ultrasound can be used for many treatments that benefit the patient including facials, ultrasonic therapy, cavitation devices, and more.

Ultrasonic Facials

Ultrasonic Facials use a specialized ultrasound machine to remove dead skin cells and debris quickly and safety. These high-tech facials can improve several common skin conditions including hyperpigmentation, aging skin, rosacea, wrinkles, and acne. Unlike microdermabrasion, patients don’t experience redness after an ultrasonic facial.

Ultrasonic Therapy

Ultrasonic Therapy uses ultrasound waves to tighten skin and give people’s faces a lift. Practitioners use this ultrasound treatment to targets the deep tissue layers that laser treatments can’t get reach to help stimulate collagen regeneration. Ultrasonic therapy can be used on eyebrows, eyelids, neck, and under-chin.

Ultrasonic Cavitation

Ultrasonic cavitation is a body contouring treatment that is used to remove fat deposits under the skin. Ultrasonic cavitation uses ultrasound waves to break apart fat cells, which are then absorbed into your body by your lymphatic system. The treatment is frequently performed on the stomach, hips, face, neck, upper arms, and thigh areas and is often used as alternation to surgical liposuction.

Whether you’re using ultrasound for diagnostic purposes or medical spa treatments, EcoVue® has you covered.

With a 99% natural formulation free of dyes, parabens and propylene glycol, EcoVue® Ultrasound Gel is gentler on patients and delivers exceptional glide with less mess and waste – all with the added benefit of extending the life of equipment by reducing wear and tear.

  • A Gentler, More Natural Formulation
    EcoVue’s 99% natural formulation is free of dyes, parabens and propylene glycol, making it gentler on patients and equipment.
  • Exceptional Image Quality & Glide may Reduce the Potential for Wrist Fatigue
    EcoVue® delivers outstanding glide and image quality, providing optimal acoustic velocity at any temperature, including when chilled. The gel has a seamless glide that allows easy travel across the procedure area, which may reduce wrist fatigue.
  • Less Mess & Easy Cleanup for Patient Comfort
    EcoVue’s optimal viscosity means it stays where you put it and the natural formula cleans up easy with no residue left behind.
  • Easier on Equipment to Extend the Lifecycle
    EcoVue’s natural formula is easier on equipment and can reduce wear and tear, extending the life of machines and decreasing the overall cost of ownership.

Interested in EcoVue® Ultrasound Gel for your Medical Spa?