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Which Ultrasound Gel Viscosity is Best For My Procedure?

Ultrasound gel is used in diagnostic ultrasound to reduce the air between the patient and the transducer to reduce acoustic impedance and reflection to allow for a clear image to be produced.

Ultrasound gel viscosity describes the gel’s resistance to flow. As a sonographer, you may have a choice between low, medium, or high viscosity ultrasound gel for your procedure. While the choice of gel viscosity often comes down to a matter of preference, some procedures may benefit from a specific gel viscosity*.

High Viscosity Gel

High viscosity gel, such as EcoVue®HV, can be used for most ultrasound procedures, especially those that demand a thicker gel with more staying power. When asked about ultrasound gel viscosity, sonographers will often say they prefer a high viscosity gel. A high viscosity gel is typically preferred for procedures that have a smaller surface area to scan, those done on areas of the body where you are fighting gravity or when the gel is applied directly to the transducer. Some procedures that may require a high viscosity gel include*

Medium Viscosity Gel

Medium viscosity gel, such as our original formula, can be used for a wide variety of procedures that benefit from a gel that easily glides across the procedure area yet doesn’t plow ahead of the transducer. Medium viscosity gel is typically not as runny as a low viscosity gel and may be preferred for procedures with a larger surface area. Seasoned sonographers may favor a medium viscosity gel over a high viscosity due to the ability to move the gel across the procedure area more easily and reduce wrist fatigue. Some procedures that may benefit from a medium viscosity gel include*:

Over the years, there have been many technological advancements in ultrasound technology. Yet there has been almost no change in ultrasound gel – until now.

EcoVue® Ultrasound Gel sets the standard in high quality ultrasound gel, delivering an exceptional experience for technicians and patients while meeting today’s infection control demands, helping to extend the life of equipment, and delivering bottom line value.

EcoVue® Ultrasound Gel provides optimal acoustic velocity at any temperature, delivering outstanding glide and image quality. EcoVue® is available in a variety of single and multi-use options in sterile and non-sterile selections in two viscosity options (both featuring the trusted 99% natural formulation).

Which ultrasound gel viscosity do you prefer?

Request a sample today to evaluate both viscosities!

*There have been no published standards designating gel viscosities for specific ultrasound procedures.